Hewitt Communications provides a range of services for non-profits, commercial enterprises, community organizations, government agencies, and individuals.

  • Publicity - If you have an enterprise, product, cause, or campaign that you want to publicize, Hewitt Communications can get you extensive coverage.
  • Policy Research and Development - From performing research on issues to the formulation of policy, Hewitt Communications knows how to ask the questions and find the answers.
  • Writing and Editing - Speeches, feature articles, newsletters, etc. - we can provide you with the right words, presented in the right way.
  • Community Relations - If you and your organization need help in reaching out to the people of a neighborhood in order to facilitate one of your projects or programs, Hewitt Communications has the know-how to create win-win situations.
  • Media Relations - If you need help in handling the media - be it local, national, or international, print or electronic - we can provide everything from strategy to press kits to dealing with reporters and editors.
  • Video Production - Working with top-quality film and video studios, we capture the excitement of your message on tape.